An Ode To Chemistry

Posted January 30, 2006 by abumalik
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The men how formed CHEMISTRY
Had put my life in MYSTRY
They could have made it a HISTORY
By making some tasty PASTERY
From the salts of this bloody CHEMISTRY


The “UV”

Posted January 28, 2006 by abumalik
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If ‘U’ had visited my friend Yuvi’s blog he had mentioned that he doesn’t like to be called as UV. Forget that and always call him as UV.
Meet him too.
Thank ‘u” & keep visiting.
See you soon.

About Myself

Posted January 28, 2006 by abumalik
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I am Abubacker Malik ,liked to be called as Malik.This is the first time I am writting somethig like this.
I am 16 years old and I am doing my eleventh standard in St. Mary’s A.I.Hr.Sec School.I like to write and always write programs in C language which many (almost all) of my friends do not like.
They all get close to me during the times of Computer Practicals to get the program which I have written. I like to spend most of my time playing Computer Games mostly racing and sometime adventures.
I hate to write English Essays, because i suffer a lot by making spelling mistakes. I like to watch a lot of cartoons which all others in my family hate. My mother don’t like me watching T.V. or working in a Computer.
I want to spend all the time with my friends mostly with Vijay (the spring mudi), Krishna Prashad(the shaker), Shivram (the speaker), Ajay (the helper), Sathish (the waiter), Santhosh (Pinky), Rajesh (the crack) and last but not the least Yuvaraj Pandian affectionatly called as Yuvi Panda (the most wanted UV)
Visit me again and thanks for logind in.
See ‘U’ soon.